Meeting Management Application

Meetings are an essential part of the business process. They provide a platform for you to discuss your goals, handle employee issues, and track company performance. Most business owners and managers schedule meetings every month or once every three months to ensure all team members and employees are on the right track. Unfortunately, these meetings are rarely productive enough to justify the time spent on them. At ecuria, we want to help business owners and managers streamline their meetings and make them more effective. We believe our meeting management application can help by tackling the common meeting challenges.

Meeting Management Apps

What Makes Meetings Unproductive?

It’s not easy to organize a meeting in the modern work environment. Entrepreneurs and managers face a number of challenges that can make a meeting unproductive and a waste of time. Our meeting management apps will help you overcome these challenges:

  • Scheduling – Effective scheduling will lead to a productive meeting. This can be a time-consuming and harrowing process. Our integrated scheduling process will allow you to find the right time for the meeting, create a solid agenda, and help you keep track of a global team. With our scheduling software, you can organize a meeting that most people can attend comfortably regardless of their location.
  • Organization – Meetings can easily become disorganized. People become involved in discussions and arguments, deviate from the points on the agenda, and discuss new problems and ideas. This can have an impact on the productivity of the meeting. Our meeting management application will help you avoid this and stay on track. You can discuss the topics, record the results, and add new agendas to be discussed in the next meeting. The easy organization ensures that no tasks and goals slip through the cracks.
  • Post Meeting Actions – After the meeting, you will have a long list of tasks to accomplish. This can be time consuming and confusing because you need to keep track of everything that was discussed, assign tasks to teams, send reports to superiors, etc. This process can be easily automated. Our software allows you to assign tasks during the meeting, send recorded clips to your teams and employees, and generate automated reports.
  • Different Platforms – Modern businesses have a very dynamic and flexible workplace. People don’t always work from offices and corporate locations. Some telecommute and work from home while others take a break and work from cafes and hotels. You need meeting management software that works everywhere and across different platforms. We provide desktop and mobile meeting management apps so you team can access the meeting regardless of where they are. As long as they have an Internet connection and an Android or iOS smart phone, they can participate in the meeting.

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