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Meeting Management Made Simple with ecuria

Agenda templates

Save time by using pre-configured templates for specific types of meetings

Minute taker

Directly record minutes and notes to distribute to staff


Set access privileges for meetings, agendas and minutes

Alerts and reminders

Alert members of upcoming meetings and set reminders for outstanding tasks

Assign tasks

Allocate actions to team members – and check on progress at your next meeting


Cast and collect votes on resolutions, amendments and proposals

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Omer FareedEnvoy Holdings

Greg GoodmanCompliance Australia

Why ecuria?

Meetings. They’re a necessary part of every organization to keep things moving. But all too often they kill productivity
by wasting time and money.
Enter ecuria.
We’ll help you manage meetings with ease.
With ecuria, you know you’re backed by a team that understands meetings in all sorts of organizations.
And with offices around the globe – the UK, North America, Asia, New Zealand,
and of course our home base Down Under – we’re always here to help you.

How does ecuria help?

Be it the simple meetings or the complex ones, be it the setting the agendas or for recording minutes, Ecuria comes forth with the best options. You are sure to get the perfect solutions with all the options for these works and more. Even for the confidential meetings and action assigning, Ecuria has satisfying options for all and that also with the help of the most upgraded technology. Clearly, it will be a perfect solution for you. Collecting votes, making amendments, or sending proposals, all is done through Ecuria now. It is the one stop solution now for the meetings.

Find out more about how ecuria can help you manage meetings effectively.

Meeting Management Software

Meetings are an important aspect of running a business. You can discuss strategies, address problems, and set goals for your team and employees. Unfortunately, most meetings are disorganized and aimless because of poor management. Teams come together and discuss their goals or projects but don’t come up with concrete solutions or plans. Ecuria’s meeting management software can help. Our goal is to help you stay on track and have a productive meeting every time you schedule one.

Why Do You Need Meeting Management Software?

Meetings have a tendency to get out of hand, especially if many people from different locations are involved. It’s difficult to keep track of the meeting agenda and attendance without the right tools and software. We encourage people to try meeting software because we have seen how effective it can be in real life. Here are some reasons why you should consider using software for your meetings:

  • Set an Agenda to Follow – Sticking to the plan is one of the most difficult aspects of a meeting and that causes delays and extensions. Meeting management software will help you create an organized agenda and assign time to different points. This ensures you can stay on track and complete the meetings on time and with the best results. The minutes software will help you ensure the meetings don’t drag on and you don’t waste time.
  • Easy Allocation of Action – You can assign tasks and goals to your teams during the meeting as soon as they’re discussed and finalized. You don’t have to juggle through different notes and documents and spend hours on allocation after the meeting. The software will let you enter the information quickly and help you keep track of it. You can go back to the assigned task during the next meeting and discuss progress.
  • Cloud-Based – The meeting planning software is in cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there’s an Internet connection available; so if you have teams and employees in different locations, you can communicate with them through this software. You can also keep track of attendance, assign tasks, ask for opinions, and monitor their progress.
  • Recordings – The software will also allow you to record clips and sections of your meeting and forward it to your employees. You won’t have to pen what was discussed in the meetings when you assign tasks. You can just send a clip along with the task to ensure they have all the information they need.

These are just some of the many advantages of meeting planning software. Our platform will help you manage tasks and schedules before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting. It will also store all the information in an organized fashion so you can came back to it and check your team’s progress at a later date. This helps you understand just how productive the meeting was.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us at Ecuria. You can fill in this form or call us on +61 08 8212 5188.

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